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Senin, 07 Februari 2011

cerita rakyat bawang merah bawang merah bawang putih versi inggris

                                                                 Red Onion and Garlic

Time ago in a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful teenage girl named garlic. They are a happy family. Although garlic dad just ordinary traders, but they live in harmony and peace. But one day garlic mother was seriously ill and eventually died. Garlic is very sad as well as his father.
In the village lived a widow who also has a son named Onion. Since the mother died Garlic, Shallots mother often visited the house of Garlic. He often brought food, helped clean the house or garlic Garlic and only accompany his father to talk. Garlic father finally thought that maybe it's better if he had married only with the mother Onion, Garlic not so lonely anymore.
With consideration of garlic, then the father is married to the mother Garlic onion. Originally maternal red onion and red onion to the garlic is very good. But over time their true nature began to appear.
They often berated garlic and gave him a job if the father Garlic weight is going to trade. Garlic should be doing all the housework, while the red onion and her mother sitting alone. Of course Garlic father did not know it, because garlic is never told.
One day Garlic father fell ill and later died. Since then the red onion and mother increasingly powerful and persecution of Garlic. Garlic is almost never at rest. He had to get up before dawn, to prepare the water bath and breakfast for the red onion and mother. Then he had to feed livestock, watering gardens and washing clothes into a river. Then she still has to ironing, cleaning the house, and many other jobs. However Garlic always do their work with joy, because he hopes one day her stepmother would love him like his own biological child.
This morning as usual Garlic carrying baskets of clothes to be washed in a river. With little singing him down a path at the edge of an ordinary small forest path. The day was very sunny weather. Garlic immediately wash all dirty clothes he was carrying. Because of too much fun, Garlic does not realize that one of the clothes have been washed away. Unfortunately the clothes are washed favorite shirt stepmother. When he realized it, clothes have been washed away stepmother too far. Garlic try down the river to look for him, but could not find it. In desperation, he returned home and told his mother.
"Basic careless!" Snapped her stepmother.
"I do not want to know, anyway you should find that outfit! And do not dare go home if you have not found it. Understand? "
Garlic is forced to obey the wishes ibun stepfather. He quickly washed down the river where he was. The sun had started rising, but the Garlic is yet to find his mother's clothes. He put his eye, carefully examining each overhung root that juts into the river, who knows his mother's clothes caught there. After a long walk and the sun was already leaning to the west, Garlic saw a shepherd who was bathing buffalo. Garlic then asked: "O my good uncle, if uncle saw the red dress who float through here? Because I had to find and bring him home. "" Yes I had seen my son. If you catch quickly, maybe you can catch him, "said the uncle.
"Well uncle, thank you!" Said Garlic and immediately ran back down. It was getting dark, Garlic is getting desperate. Soon night will come, and Garlic. From a distance looks light coming from a shack on the riverbank. Garlic immediately went to the house and knocked.
"Excuse me ...!" Said Garlic. An old woman opened the door.
"Who are you boy?" Asked the old woman.
"My Grandma Garlic. Just now I'm looking for my mother who washed clothes. And now benighted. Can I stay here tonight? "Asked Garlic.
"May my son. Are you looking for clothes that are red? "Asked grandma.
"Yes Grandma. What ... grandmother found her? "Asked Garlic.
"Yes. Earlier dress snagged in front of my house. Unfortunately, though I liked the clothes, "said the grandmother. "Well I'll return it, but first you must accompany me here for a week. I have not talked with anyone, how? "Pleaded white nenek.Bawang thought for a moment. My grandmother looked lonely. Garlic also feel pity. "Okay Grandma, I'll stay with grandma for a week, from grandmothers do not get bored with me," said Garlic with a smile.
During the week Garlic stay with the grandmother. Garlic each day helps with homework grandmother. Of course, the old woman feel good. Until eventually even been a week, my grandmother was summoned garlic.
"Son, have you lived here a week.
And I'm glad that you are a diligent and dutiful. For that according to my promise you can take your mother's clothes to go home. And another thing, you may choose one of two this pumpkin as a gift! "Said the grandmother.
Garlic initially refused to be rewarded but still forced her grandmother. Finally Garlic select the smallest pumpkin.
"I'm afraid not bring a big strong," he said. Grandma smiled and Garlic deliver up to the front of the house.
At home, Garlic handed his stepmother's red shirt as he went into the kitchen to split the pumpkin yellow. Garlic surprise when the pumpkin was cut, turned out to contain gold jewelry in it very much. He screamed so happy and gave this magic to his stepmother and red onion with langsun greedy grab the gold and jewels. They forced the garlic to tell how he could get the prize. Garlic also told the truth.
Hear stories garlic, onion and her mother plan to do the same thing but this time the red onion will do it.
In short, onion finally arrived at the old house on the edge of river. Like garlic, red onion was asked to accompany him for a week. Unlike an avid garlic, red onions for a week was just being lazy. If anything is done then the result is never good because it is always done poorly. Finally after a week's grandmother was allowed to leave the red onion. "Is not it supposed to be grandmother gave me a pumpkin as a gift because it keep you company for a week?" Asked a red onion. My grandmother was forced to send onions to choose one of two offered pumpkin. With the quick red onion take a big pumpkin and without saying thank you he walked away.
Arriving at the house red onion soon meet his mother and happily shows gourd he was carrying. For fear of garlic will ask for parts, they sent garlic to go into a river. Then they split impatiently these pumpkins. But it was not gold jewels out of these pumpkins, but venomous animals such as snakes, scorpions, and others.
The animals were immediately attacked the red onion and his mother to death. That is the reward of those who get greedy.


You know in every story witch we can be sure there is a "black cat" of his. By Halloween night this year, a symbol of black cats sold in the form of small doll or a key chain at various selling accessories. Why a black cat is always associated with witchcraft or magic world?

This stems from the history of the ancient Babylonian era when a black cat in a ritual ceremony dedicated to burn with other offerings. This myth arises because there is a black cat who slept in the midst of a snake with pulasnya, at that moment a snake is a symbol of evil.

This understanding continues to grow until mid-century. In Germany, there is a belief that if there is a black cat that jumped into the sick bed, death will come on the sick person. Another with the beliefs of Normandy, they believed if the way you see a black cat that was crossing in the middle of a full moon, they believe that you will be attacked by an epidemic.

In Firlandia, the people there believe that the cat hitamlah that brings the human soul into the afterlife. In China, the presence of a black cat is a sign that they will be exposed to disease or will become poor.

His story changed a little elsewhere, in India, the reincarnated soul can be relieved by throwing black cats onto the fire. There is a legend of Bengali that there is a woman who could change the human soul into a black cat, and every black cat that hurt will hurt her too.

Community Celts believed that black cats can predict the future. Druids of ancient Britain at the time believed that the cat is the incarnation of someone who do evil in the past then the law becomes a black cat.

Well, blame the druids, for they have been link the black cat with Halloween, ghosts and witches.

There are also other faiths, who said that black cat is one of the witches disguise. Though no witnesses have ever witnessed a witch who turns into a black cat or a black cat that turns into a witch, but they say that one day they hurt a black cat and black cat was injured, and keesokaan day they found the same wound The same place the cat on a woman injured.